Our Mandate:

Our mandate is the threefold purpose of bringing glory to God in all we do, building up His church and expanding His Kingdom through the Gospel. We call it the 3E Mandate ”“ Exalt, Edify and Evangelize.


Much lies behind these aspects, but in summary:

  • We EXALT God through worship and Godly living
  • We EDIFY the Church through fellowship and service
  • We EVANGELIZE the World through the Gospel and good works

Our Vision:

A local church that expands the Kingdom of God through proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ

This phrase serves as our identity statement and vision statement; it tells us who we are and what we want to be. On the surface it might seem that we have already accomplished our vision ”“ Emmanuel is a local church that expands God’s Kingdom through the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But from a biblical paradigm we have far to go before we can claim to have arrived. In fact, we’ll never arrive. We will pursue Jesus’ vision for a local church as described in the New Testament, the Kingdom must keep expanding, and the Good News must be preached to all people until His return.

The expression MISSIONAL CHURCH is one that encapsulates this “vision” in the most concise way. A Missional Church is one that fully embraces and engages in the mission Jesus has commanded it to complete. There can be no greater purpose than this.

Our Values:

The values (or guiding principle), we as Emmanuel Church hold in highest regard are:




Unity Devotion