Emmanuel Bible Institute rolls around again! 

The 2nd 8-week cycle of Emmanuel Bible Institute is just around the corner. EBI is the vehicle we use at Emmanuel Church to equip believers in the Word for service and ministry. We encourage everyone who took part in the 1st term to continue with the next set of courses. Newcomers are also very welcome.

Besides the 2nd term courses, we are so excited to offer a special course on being a disciple. This course was presented by late pastor Ron Gardiner during lockdown last year and will be of immeasurable value to just about anyone! Although, this course does not formally form part of EBI, we want to give each of you the opportunity to mine this treasure of wisdom with us! This course will be followed up with the official Discipleship course in the 3rd term.

EBI’s Vision

EBI’s vision is to equip believers for service – and hence aiming to fulfil the aspect of God’s mandate for the Church towards Christians, which is to EDIFY them. If you have a burning desire to be used by God, EBI can help you along by preparing you and giving you many opportunities to share/practice what you learn. In our journey towards maturity in Christ our prize should not be certificates adorning our walls, but testimonies of God’s love and power working through us.


So, what has changed?

  • We are excited to announce that we will launch an online steam for those who cannot attend the EBI courses in person. (A computer or tablet and good internet connection will be required. We will utilize tools like Google Classroom and Zoom for an interactive and supported learning experience)


What courses will be presented this term?

  1. New Life 1
  2. New Life 2
  3. Christian Living 2
  4. Being a Disciple (Special Course)


How to enroll?

Those who are interested in joining EBI for the first term should join the Information Evening on Tuesday, 8 June at 18:00, where we will communicate more in-depth about the courses on offer, as well as the different streams that can be chosen.


This information meeting can be joined:

  1. At church
  2. Via Zoom (https://zoom.us/j/6859841523)



8 June – 1 August


Information evening on the 8th of June at 18:00 followed by 8 x 1 hour classes.


Face-to-face and Online streams to choose from.


Face-to-face classes will take place on Tuesdays from 18:00 – 19:00 at church.


Times for Online classes will be set once registration is complete.

Register Here

New Life 1New Life 2Christian Living 2Being a Disciple

Face to faceOnline