It is better to give that to receive…

At Emmanuel Church we believe that every believer has been called to serve. Jesus lead by example and as His follower we should also give a higher priority to serve than to be served.

E-Servants are those individuals who take up the responsibility of serving others in Emmanuel Church. More than volunteers who offer up their time and energy on their own terms, E-Servants do the bidding of their King, our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Wondering where you can become involved?

These are the main areas of ministry where help is always needed!

¨ Outreach Department (Emmanuel Missional Team)

¨ Emmanuel Kids, Youth and Young Adults

¨ Emmanuel Men’s and Women’s Ministries

¨ Technical and Media Department

¨ Hospitality and Ushers

Contact us, to initiate a conversation where we will guide you in your serving journey at Emmanuel.