Added: 05/11/2013


Growth shrinks!


One day Celia started having double vision and they found out that she had a non-maligament growth in the brain. Still, the growth was quite big and in a very sensitive area where many nerves passes through.  The growth was inoperable, because of it's location. They did a brain biopsy to determine what type of radiation therapy they would have to use. They determined that she would need about 30 sessions of 15 minutes (one each day) to remove the growth. While recovering from the biopsy she notice one day the double vision was gone and everyday her near vision was improving. She kept believing and trusting God for her healing. When she had to start the radio therapy, the doctors told her the growth was almost gone and she only needed one session of radio therapy. Praise God for shrinking this growth!


Added: 05/11/2013


Pain gone!


A spider bit Wanda and the poison triggered "Rheumatoid Arthritis".  Her ankle and jaw bone was very painfully affected. She had to drink a lot of costly medication, so she prayed and believed God for her healing.  Over the next three years, believing she was healed, she still experienced pain in her ankles, hips and back. Yet, she continued to believe she was healed and that the pain was merely a symptom that had to go.  On the first day of the CAP conference, a pastor made the call to pray for healing. He instructed the people to touch the affected areas. At first, she did not want to touch her ankle, which was very painful, because she thought she might be doubting the healing that took place three years ago. After he repeated the instruction the third time she touched her ankle, and there was no pain what so ever. She has not experience pain again since then!


Added: 05/11/2013


Breakthrough in studies


I'll begin by introducing myself.  My name is Daniel Mwanza, currently in my 2nd year at UNAM studying Economics. Sometime early this year, Pastor Matt gave a Word saying there was a student-a male student to be exact - who'd get their breakthrough academically. Before that time, I'd been asking God to come through for me as I'd been struggling with school work (by my standards, B's,C's & an occassional D were not "it" for me - I had successfully cleared all my 1st year modules in that fashion). So, after Pastor Matt gave that Word and I appropriated it as mine, our end of semester exams came and I cleared in style! 3 A's & a B!!! And it did not end here, we had an award giving ceremony hosted by our Economics Society about a week ago where I was presented an award for being 2nd highest in a module last semester!! Glory to God,I got my breakthrough!! God did exceedingly & abandantly above all I hoped for!!



Added: 4/07/13


Can Jesus remove a cyst without surgery?


On the 22nd of May 2013 I saw a specialist for a normal yearly checkup and he discovered a cyst on the sonar which did not look good to him, as it had other things growing on it.  Four days later, when there was a call for healing at our church, I went to the front to receive healing.  I believe that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13.8).  He has healed me before, when I had Rheumatoid Arthritis and I was told that there is no cure for it.  We trusted Jesus and prayed for healing and he set me free.  When I stood at the front because of the cyst and when I was prayed for, the spirit of God came over me and our pastor gave me the following word that he received:  “The cyst is gone but Jesus requires something from you as well.   There is unforgiveness in your life which you have to sort out.  Also, you have to go back to the doctor so that you can get a confirmation and the Doctor a revelation of Jesus.  I prayed about the unforgiveness and I sorted things out because I felt I want to be obedient to Jesus.  He forgives us all our sins and he wants us to forgive one another as well. Many people have said to me:  “Rather go and see another specialist for a second opinion”.  There was a moment that I felt the same, but then I knew that the Lord had a reason why I had to go back for the same test.   We can trust him fully. I was told that medically it is impossible for a cyst like this one to go away by itself and these cysts have to be removed by surgery. What our Lord and Savior has promised he has done.  He removed the cyst supernatrually.  I want to give glory to Jesus Christ.  In Luke 18:27 Jesus said, "What is impossible with men is possible with God."


What he has done for me, he can do for you.


Ute von Gossler



Added: 3/07/13


All glory to God!


This boy was in a car accident and had brain damage to such an extent that he could not use his right leg and had to ‘drag’ it behind him. On the Sunday of the last Youth Encounter, the glory of God filled the place. Jens released the Creative Power of God and this boy experienced a warmth touching his head. Jens asked him what he could not do before, and the boy answered that he couldn’t run. Jens told him to run, since the power of God has touched him. Then he ran out of the building and God did a creative miracle and healed the boy immediately.


Added: Before July 2013



I could feel that, that prayer was meant for me...


Most of our projects is government tenders in the construction industry and as we all know with all the processes and procedures payments normally takes a long time.  I can’t remember the exact date but I know it was close to month end towards the end of last year and all my facilities were exhausted as I’ve been waiting for money for about two to three months.  Stress levels were high as I really did not know how I was going to do my payments at the end of the month and I never let people wait for money I will always try my utmost best to make sure that I can pay all my suppliers. On this specific Sunday Matt said that he had a feeling that someone is being owed money by government and it is a substantial amount. He asked people to stand which I did of course and he prayed for us. One of our cell group members Carel also laid his hands on me as Matt prayed. I could feel that, that prayer was meant for me. So the first thing I did on Monday morning was to go to internet banking and check my balance, something I would not normally do. The first thing I saw was my balance; there was a huge amount of money  paid into my account over the weekend, there was nothing in on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  So someone must have paid money into my account over the weekend.  As Far as I know all government sectors are closed over weekends so someone must have gone to work over the weekend to do a payment, and this is really unheard of. I praised and thanked God that Monday as He knows when is the right time. He knew that I needed to make payments that Monday and He provided. All glory and praise to God. - Harold



Ek was wonderbaarlik genees! 


Ek het Saterdagaand nie goed gevoel nie.  Ek het ‘n seer keel gehad en my neus en oë het gebrand.  Ek het geweet hier kom ‘n verkoue!  Sondagoggend staan ek toe op met ‘n hees stem, seer keel en 'n gekrap in die keel op.  Toe ek by die kerk aankom, dink ek by myself: 'Sodra die diens verby is, gaan ek apteek om vir my medisyne te kry.' Die diens het begin en Matt het later gevra dat ons ons hande lê waar die seer of siek is.  In gebed het ek my linkerhand gevat en op my keel en bors gedeelte geplaas.  Ek het van my kop tot by my tone warm geword.  My trane het begin loop want ek het geweet dit is nou die Heilige Gees wat hier werk.  Ek het daarna weer gesluk en dit was weg!  My seer keel, die gekrap in my keel die knop as ek sluk...dit was alles weg, dadelik weg, en dit is nogsteeds weg!  Ek is daar gesond gemaak!  Dit was wonderlik fantasties gewees!  Die Here is wonderlik en so goed vir ons, prys Sy grote Naam!  Na die diens het ons huistoe gegaan, ek was nie apteek toe nie! - Alida



Now they are the same...


My one leg was 3cm shorter than the other one and I experienced pain when I walked. When one of the Leaders prayed for me on the Youth Encounter, God caused my leg to grow! - Daniela



Healed, in Jesus' Name...


I have been wearing contact lenses, because I was near sighted. Jens declared the Word of God that Christ can heal those who are blind. I believed the Word and once Jens placed his hand on my eyes, God healed me. Now I don't need to wear contact lenses anymore. - Rory


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